Telemedizin – Markt, Strategien, Unternehmensbewertung (telemedicine – market, strategies, company valuation)



Dr. med. Mabuse – Zeitschrift für alle Gesundheitsberufe (PDF)(magazine for health care professionals)

Opinions on the book:

"In a comprehensive analysis, the authors show the great importance of the telemedicine market as a growth sector.
Dr. Herbert Müller, Ernst & Young, CEO
"Telemedicine promises high return opportunities – until very recently, an economic analysis of this potential had not existed. With this book, the authors have created a reference book for this innovative sector."
Dr. Christian Ossig, Bank of America, member of the management

"The better establishment of telemedicine is one of the most important projects for increasing the efficiency and quality of health care in Germany. Thanks to the authors, the economic foundations were explored, whereas the legal framework still is insufficient or uncertain."
Dr. Reimar Buchner, Gleiss Lutz, partner
"This book provides a fantastic overview on the economic importance of the growth market 'telemedicine' and the implications for the sectors information technology and medicine."
Dr. Erik Massmann, CompuGROUP Holding AG, CFO